Inner Path Healing

Imagine Freedom, Awaken Wonder, Live your Dream

Inner Path Healing offers a soul-centric approach.  Instead of viewing an individual’s personal history as pathology, I focus on the individual’s journey as a path to self-discovery and greater fulfillment.  A person’s responses to a wounded past contain hidden gems of intelligence and resources seeking to become manifest in positive ways.

Through various techniques, both Western and non-Western, my orientation is to help you on this unfolding journey toward your true nature.  Sourcing your essential nature will allow you to get in touch with the wounded parts of yourself with compassion and insight, rather than judgment and rejection.

As you begin to see clearly with compassion into your habitual reactive patterns of thinking, believing, feeling, and acting, your awareness expands beyond fear and judgment and reactivity.  Through this clearing you can experience the confidence, creativity, peace, and happiness that is your natural birthright.

My goal is to help you cultivate your own skill and awareness to access these layers of intuitive knowing, so that ultimately you may become your own skillful guide in this unfolding process and thereby live a more fulfilled life.  The soul-centric process focuses on untangling the thread of your true destiny from the tangled knots of suffering – personal, generational, and collective.

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and interests.  Some insurances are accepted.

Shamanic Energy Healing

This healing process, supported by my background in Jungian psychology and mindfulness, weaves together two essential components to healing – the
energetic and the archetypal, spirit and the soul.  Click for more

3-Day Healing Intensives

My wife and I work as a team on these one-on-one intensives that are designed to
promote accelerated change and growth by turning up the heat on your own inner
process.  Click for more

Couples Intensive

My wife and I work as a team on a 3-day intensive, addressing challenging relationship issues and promoting ways of re-imagining a marriage or partnership as the alchemical hieros gamos, the sacred marriage of the masculine and the feminine.

Medicine Walk

The Medicine Walk is appropriate for anyone seeking spiritual guidance within the
mirror of Nature. When we bring the longing of our hearts and a clear intention to the sacred ground of the natural world, Nature reflects back to us aspects of our own souls and offers guidance for our journeys into authenticity and wholeness. Click for more



“Working with Flynn has both stretched and grounded me in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I began.  He has kept me company with his wisdom, compassion and patience – sometimes leading, sometimes following, and always creating for me a safe space in which to take the risks needed to do my deepest soul work.”

Melissa B.

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