The Vision Quest

Separation and Preparation

The three days prior to the Vision Quest are devoted to preparing you psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually to meet the challenge of spending four days and nights alone in Nature fasting.  Together we will create a tribe of kindred spirits – a safe, supportive container – within which you may clarify your intention for the quest and open your heart more fully to the longing that brings you to this turning point in your life.  A variety of exercises of attunement in Nature and earth-based rituals will help you draw closer to the wisdom of your intuitive, inner knowing that lies just below the surface of our conditioned, thinking mind.  Instructions in the dynamics of rites of passage and an ancient Medicine Wheel will serve to place your struggles and longings into a wider archetypal framework.  In addition, morning dream circles, storytelling, and a Purification Lodge will carry you deeper into the soul/heart opening needed to be receptive to many faces and voices of Spirit.

Sacred Quest

On the Vision Quest, you will go to “the Sacred Mountains” where for four days and nights you will throw yourself at the feet of what you hold to be sacred and pray for whatever the longing in your heart cries out for.  As you surrender to the process, your cries will be answered:  You will awaken to a new way of seeing.  You will see through the boxes and story lines that have limited your vision of yourself and reality.  You will face and let go of the personal demons that have held you back from flying into the freedom of your authentic presence and greater life fulfillment.


Upon your return from the solo, there will be two days of incorporation, during which you will tell your Vision Quest story in Council and receive assistance in understanding and integrating the lessons learned on your quest.  This council process will prepare you to bring your truth and beauty back to your community.  There will also be a celebratory feast. Then with questing and feasting over, you will return to the life you left behind with new friends, a deepened sense of your own truth, beauty and life purpose, and a renewed sense of community that can deeply enrich your life, relationships, and work.

“The School of Natural Wonder absolutely delivers a safe, rich, transformative experience.  Flynn is a man of integrity who has a wealth of information and experience.  He brings us back to more primal energies and the deep levels where true alchemy is possible.  Jill provides warm, empathetic, intelligent and ‘spot on’ facilitation.  If your heart has called you here, heed it.” L.Y., two-time quester & apprentice