Spiritual Mentoring

I offer a process of mentoring that can support your spiritual journey and practice. I do not offer a particular spiritual outlook, but rather draw on a rich and varied exploration of the pathless path. My deepest influences are Depth Psychology, Buddhism, and earth-based spirituality.

My orientation will be to support you on your journey of individuation, the coming into the uniqueness and fullness of who and what you truly are. If psychotherapeutic exploration is useful, this can also be part of the process. However, my orientation is more toward helping individuals shed the past, the way a snake sheds its skin, so that they may fully live their truth and beauty. The focus is not on diagnosis or analysis, but rather on dreaming a new way of being. Ultimately, I support the process of awakening from the dream of separation to an awareness of our unity and oneness in Spirit.

What might spiritual mentoring provide?

a Compassionate support and counseling
a Skillful guidance in your unique individuation process
a Holding the process of transformation
a Working with shadow material
a Guidance in meditation and practice
a Shamanic energy healing
a Self-created rituals

As in a psychotherapeutic relationship, this work is confidential and subject to the same boundaries and contractual obligations. Sessions will usually be an hour or an hour and a half in duration. Ideally, sessions would be at regular intervals of about once a month. However, short term or single sessions are also possible.

Sessions can be in person at my home in Wardsboro, VT, or over the phone, or via SKYPE.

If you are interested in mentoring, I can be contacted at 802 380-1557, or email me.