Working with Flynn has both stretched and grounded me in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I began.  He has kept me company with his wisdom, compassion and patience–sometimes leading, sometimes following, and always creating for me a safe space in which to take the risks needed to do my deepest soul work.  Each time I have been with him–whether on a vision quest or participating in an illumination–I have been able to bring back home with me powerful insights, phrases and images that help me to be more peaceful in and grateful for my everyday world.  -Melissa B.

Shamanic Energy Healing works on the energies that surround the human body and inform the body in the same way that the energy fields of a magnet organize iron filings on a piece of glass.  If you extended your arms outward, you can feel the edges of this energy field surrounding you.  It may feel like a finely spun web of vibration, warm in some places, cold in others, strong in some, weak in others.  This Luminous Energy Field is linked energetically to our physical body at seven funnel-shaped vortexes of energy (chakras) located at key points along our central nervous system.  If you move your hand over the front of your body, following the central axis and a few inches above it, you may feel differences in heat, for instance at the heart and the solar plexus areas.  These vital centers of energy are as essential to our health and well-being as is the oxygen we breath.

The Luminous Energy Field also contains a record of our personal and ancestral memories, including all the traumas we have suffered in this lifetime and past lives.  Our emotional, genetic, and karmic history organizes this energy, often leaving dense imprints in our luminous field, which impact negatively on our nervous system via our chakras, and compel us toward behaviors, relationships, accidents, and illnesses that mimic the original wounding.

The Illumination Process cleanses these dense energies from our chakras and then illuminates them with light energy, thereby re-patterning the body and soul energetically back to physical and psychological health.  It works both at the energetic and archetypal levels.  Energetically, it shifts energy that has become stuck in habitual, reactive patterns and constricted emotions.  For instance, if you are feeling stuck anywhere in your life – a relationship, work, therapy, your spiritual journey – it acts as a catalyst to generate profound shifts in energy and awareness.  Then, building on your experience of this expansive, joyful release of energy and awakening of awareness, it helps you dream a new reality into being at the archetypal level – the soul level of images and vision.

Additional processes also promote profound healing.  Soul Retrievals restore and then integrate back into our lives the vibrant soul parts of ourselves that were spilt off as the result of a wounding.  Destiny Retrievals counter the momentum of inertia towards predictable, dysfunctional outcomes based on our wounds (fate) and allow us to create a new dream and live our true creative potential (destiny).


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