Medicine Walk 

Connecting with Soul, Nature, & Spirit

The Medicine Walk program begins on a Friday evening and ends on Sunday at noon. It is appropriate for anyone seeking spiritual guidance within the mirror of Nature. When we bring the longing of our hearts and a clear intention to the sacred ground of the natural world, Nature reflects back to us aspects of our own souls and offers guidance for our journeys into authenticity and wholeness. Time alone within the womb of Nature can be a fruitful encounter with self, the other, and Spirit.

Friday evening we hold a Counsel session during which the participant states their intention for the walk and any matters which revolve around that intention. Before dawn the next morning we will travel to the trailhead and a guide will hike with you to the confluence of a river and a lake. At that point, where movement and stillness meet, the participant will begin their Medicine Walk. From dawn to dusk you will walk on the Earth in a mindful, meditative, prayerful way, while also fasting. As you walk deeper into the natural world and into your soul, inner and outer worlds will begin a dynamic interplay and weaving which becomes charged with significance. You can enter a mythological/archetypal landscape from which insight and vision can emerge. At dusk you will meet the guide back at the beginning point of your journey.

The next morning you will tell the story of what took place while journeying into the heart of Nature and your own heart. If needed, the guide will assist you in seeing more deeply into the story, in seeing more clearly the mirroring – the interplay between self and Nature – and what it says about who you are, what calls to your soul, and how you can integrate the lessons of the walk into your daily life. Guide Fee: $300