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At the School of Natural Wonder our focus is on nature-based initiation into the depths of soul and the soaring of spirit. Since 1993, hundreds of people from all walks of life have come to us in order to find their way back home to their true nature. We offer heart-centered guidance for their soul journeys into their true nature and longing for Spirit. We create unique rites of passage for the modern soul that seeks to step foot on the ancient, pathless path into the mystery and wonder of the soul of the world. If you hear the call, the fervent longing of your own heart, join us on the archetypal quest to wholeness and awakening.

We no longer offer scheduled quests.  However, we can arrange a private quest for an individual or pre-existing group.

At Inner Path Healing we tend to the soul’s longing for healing and awakening to its true nature. We offer a dynamic, body/energy/soul/spirit-centered approach to healing and transformation. Our focus is to untangle the golden thread of your destiny from the dark threads of your personal and cultural wounds. Our work addresses the essential questions: Who are you? What is your soul’s longing? How can you love more deeply? What gifts of spirit do you have to bring to a world reeling from its excesses and imbalances?